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Pratt Machine Rentals was formed in 2012 with a simple goal in mind, to spread success. The ProtoTRAK CNC has helped 1000′s of shops over the years create this internal success but not all business can outright purchase machinery when they need it. Renting is a very viable option when instant part turn around and in-house machining flexibility is needed without much financial commitment. Try one before you buy one!

We rent to San Diego based companies. Your company must accept the worker liabilities associated with machining and the machinery placed on your floor must be covered by your own general insurance. Legalities aside, the process for renting is simple and in most cases delivery / setup / training is quick. Questions? …we’re here to help so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to share with you the CNC that unlocks both creativity and passion for machining.







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