Since 1986 ProtoTRAK has helped 1000′s of shops be more successful. Simple to use, reliable, and the right features for low volume CNC machining. A ProtoTRAK will always make that first part faster, which is exactly why it is so ideally suited to those who need flexibility but not 1000′s of a single part. A CNC ideal for but not limited to Prototype Machinists, Fabricators, Tool-makers, Model-makers, Engineers, Inventors, Mold-makers, Maintenance and Support shops.

A ProtoTRAK CNC control is intuitive, conversational, and most importantly simple. At any time you can also use the ProtoTRAK as a manual mill / lathe with precision digital readout and power-feed ability. It’s powerful yet flexible, and most importantly keeps the operator in control at all times.

Southwestern Industries the manufacturer of the TRAK and ProtoTRAK machine line is located in Los Angeles, so, repair parts if ever needed are only a day away!

Tool loading is strictly manual on their machinery which is not a bad thing as it provides the ability to work in close proximity to your work piece, totally unobstructed by guard doors which OSHA requires ALL auto tool loading to have installed.

See how easy it is first hand, give us a call or email and we can setup a machine demo for you!


Why  Rent

There are numerous reasons why a ProtoTRAK CNC machine rental is a good idea. Here are a few:

  • Instant Productivity

    ProtoTRAK is just plain simple to learn. Literally receive your machine in the morning, and be making CNC parts by days end. This CNC control gives you the ability to make machined parts quickly as well as to modify existing parts you may already have .

  • Convenience

    We deliver, setup and service the machine. No headaches period.

  • Low Cost

    Machinery is expensive to buy and CNC technology gets outdated quickly. If you don’t need a machine long term renting will be cheaper than buying, not to mention that it frees up cash on hand for other business needs.


Custom Fabrication and Billet Parts

Flexible Prototypes

Modification of Existing Parts


High Quality CNC Parts

Molds for Short Run Production

Test and Production line fixtures